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inspirational affirmations

Webster's New World Dictionary describes the meaning of the word inspirational as "to give inspiration… arouse or create a feeling in." The term affirmation is also aptly described as "to declare positively… assert…to confirm…ratify."

All of us aspire to be better persons and to find ways to make more meaningful contributions to society and to the world that we live in. Inspirational affirmations are derived from those words and actions of others that positively move us to change aspects of our lives. The affirmation can be delivered to us from people, living or deceased, whose words and deeds so capture our attention that we are motivated by their example.

The inspirational message may be delivered in many forms. One of the motivating factors in the self help era has been the desire of people to seek personal growth and development within themselves.

There is no better way to achieve this goal than by utilizing the example of someone else through venues such as: inspirational quotes, inspirational sayings, inspirational words, inspirational stories, inspirational messages, inspirational phrases, and inspirational thought and through health affirmations to motivate us to make the necessary changes in our lives.

One of the extraordinary examples of life affirmations was the selfless giving and service to others performed by Sister Teresa. Sister Teresa adopted a life pattern of poverty and service to others under conditions in which few have ever attempted to help.

She has been regaled as a saint for her work among the poor in Calcutta, India as well as with the sick riddled with such afflictions as AIDS and leprosy. Her entire life was an affirmation inspirational to those who are familiar with her works, and they continue to serve us as daily affirmations of our own kindness and generosity to others less fortunate.

One of the most prolific self help authors and philosophers of our time, Dr. Wayne Dyer, uses his own personal affirmations to deliver his sage philosophical wisdom. Dr. Dyer, in his inspirational books, positive affirmation cd modules and affirmation software located on his website, uses examples of the great teachers over the years in order to point out the power within us to effect the changes in our lives that we strive to achieve.

In his inspirational book, "You'll See It When You Believe It," Dr Dyer uses this inspirational quote to instill in the reader the inspiration affirmations that they can do whatever it is they wish through visualizing what they strive to become. In this way, we are rendering a self help subliminal message to ourselves that we can effect the change, and that it will both positive affirmations for us and beneficial for the greater good of the world.

Dr. Dyer uses his own personal life's journey as self improvement affirmations to inspire us to listen to our own inner voice and its inspirational thoughts for guidance and to effect change in our own thoughts and behaviors.

Dr. Dyer tells us his life story of abandonment as a child by his father, and the hatred he harbored over the years for the man. It was through a strange set of occurrences that he found a matchbox in a rented car with the phone number of a location in Louisiana that led him to discover the grave of his father decades after his father had abandoned his family.

It was when Dr. Dyer visited the grave of his father and forgave him that he was able to move on to the position of renowned author, lecturer and self help philosopher. His motivation affirmations have made tremendous differences in the lives of millions of people around the world and his inspirational supplies and inspirational products are available in bookstore websites on the Internet as well as on his own site.

There are complete sections in bookstores and audiostores devoted to the topics of self help programs, spirituality, and stories of others. They are packaged in affirmation cd and affirmation tapes that can be used in conjunction with self help programs because they contain inspirational motivational quotes.

These quotes are phrases that are so inspiring that we commit them to memory and they serve as an inspiration for us to remain on our program in order that the unwanted behavior or habit does not resurface. Among the more popular of these tapes are those containing prosperity affirmations. The general theme is that we are held back by our erroneous thoughts of not stretching our abilities through taking chances, because of fear that we will be no longer safe.

The affirmations describe the visualization of accumulated wealth and prosperity, and the deliverance of this message to the subconscious part of our minds will enable us to discard the safety net and realize our full potential. The inspirational affirmations can offer us the motivational examples in order to help in every area of our lives from
self help debt  to help with self confidence.